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Life Coach, International Best Selling Author, Mystic, Energy Healer, and Subconscious Reprogrammer.

I guide women through their trauma healing and self love journeys by nourishing and supporting, physical and energetic healing on all three levels of the self; mind, body, and spirit.


I utilize a unique mixture of energy medicine, psychology modalities, intuitive knowledge, human design, and the latest in neuroscience to provide practical, trauma-informed, self healing solutions, support, and mentorship. 


I hold my work as the most sacred work and find so much joy and passion in holding this safe healing space! 


There is always Hope for Healing!  


I'm Heather, The Trauma Healing Mentor

Working with Heather


The best place to get started in healing trauma is in the energy body. Trapped emotions weigh us down and make healing even more challenging. Book Your BodyCode Session now to feel the difference!


I have several 1:1 options for rapid trauma release, healing the heart center, and short term/long term mentorship packages.


The Heart Centered Woman Podcast is coming back... April 2023

Heather gives you simple, practical healing tools and solutions and spiritual principles to walk you through your self healing journey back to your Heart Center!

The Heart

Heather's FREE Facebook Community. Self healing and spiritual tools, support, and encouragement.

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Is Stored Trauma
Holding You Back?

Trauma gets trapped within the body and passed down through our DNA.


This stored trauma shows up in our energetic and physical bodies as trapped emotion, subconscious programs, and ultimately physical imbalances.


These can become the root cause of our physical and emotional discomfort and negatively impact every area of our life, including our mental and physical health .Heather's Body Code & Quantum Healing Sessions are a noninvasive and holistic way to find imbalances and trapped trauma in the body and release them.


With the imbalances gone, you can feel more connected to your true self, feel happier and more at peace than ever before, and even watch as ailments and physical issues no longer become an issue.

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Working 1:1 with Heather

How to Process Your Emotions

Unprocessed emotions leads to stored emotional trauma and can be detrimental to our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well being! 


Join our email list and learn how to process your emotions, work through triggers, self soothe and develop self compassion in this free and simple eBook!

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