Your mentor to living a more heart centered, authentic, happy and healthy life. 


Imagine living a life where you loved and accepted yourself completely. A life where your self doubt, negative self talk, and other peoples opinions had no power over you because you were grounded in self-sufficient self confidence. Where you found peace and purpose. You were fully connected to your deepest self, and lived in alignment to your values and passions. Imagine living the life you've dreamed of, the one you know you are worthy of!!

Its time to make that dream a reality, and step into your Power & Purpose!! I can show you the way...

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I’m a Certified Life Coach& Energy Healer
and I am here to guide and empower you to live a more authentic life

Your best life, as your best and truest self!

I woke up December 30th, 2009 and I decided that I was done being my own worst enemy. I was done being depressed and hating myself. I was full of self doubt, self sabotage, and almost ready to give up on life. Thankfully there was a dim light of hope and a will to push forward. That calling and decision to change and heal myself has taken me on an incredible journey of self discovery, radical self love, and what it truly means to cultivate joy in life.


Eleven years later, I have gained and enormous amount of knowledge and a tool box full of skills that have changed everything about how I see myself, how I love myself, how I talk to myself and I how I show up in this world as the truest version of who I am. This has lead to how I see the world, how I love and treat others, how I deal with conflict and... 

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Finding Your Authentic Self

The most honest representation of who you really are. To love and know yourself enough to not care what others think. To be completely true to who you are through your thoughts, words, and actions. It's finding the Light within you and having the courage to shine it brightly!


Learning to Love Yourself

Completely and Unapologetically. Through all of your flaws and mistakes. Knowing that you are enough and worthy as you are. Letting go of fear, doubt, self-sabotage, and negative self talk in the process. Finding radical self love and healing.  Harnessing your strengths and stepping into your power!


Having Confidence

Who would you be if you had the courage to run after the life you want, the life you deserve? Setting boundaries, letting go of perfectionism, imposter syndrome, and the need to compare. Finding your purpose, setting big goals, and believing in yourself enough to run after them! 


Living Heart Centered

Taking yourself off of autopilot and stepping into the driver seat of your life! Living with purpose, passion, and intention. Knowing exactly who you are and living in alignment with your core values. Knowing the secrets of how to unlock your vision, set goals, and manifest your dream life!

The only limits you have, are the ones you place on yourself...

but you are full of limitless potential.

Are you ready to Live from your Heart and step into your Power?

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Do You Struggle With Overthinking? 

Is it causing you Anxiety, Stress, or adding to your Negative Self Talk?

After overcoming my own struggles with constantly overthinking situations and second guessing myself, I have collected 5 of the best strategies to stop overthinking and reduce those pesky negative emotions! 

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It's time for you to start taking your power back! You're worth it Babe!

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