I'm Heather. A woman who decided to start loving herself and spread that love to others. 

I woke up December 30th, 2009 and I decided that I was done being my own worst enemy. I was done being depressed and hating myself. I was full of self doubt, self sabotage, and almost ready to give up on life - again.  Thankfully there was a dim light of hope and a will to push forward inside of me. That calling and decision to change and heal myself has taken me on an incredible journey of self love, self discovery, and what it truly means to cultivate joy in life. Eleven years later, I have gained an enormous amount of knowledge and a tool box full of skills that have changed everything about how I see myself, how I love myself, how I talk to myself and I how I show up in this world as the truest version of who I am; stepping into my full power and shining brightly. This has lead to how I see the world, how I love and treat others, how I deal with conflict and adversity, and how I have created a life of my dreams.

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Growing up in a poor and abusive home, to addicted parents and a narcissistic mother, I struggled through many issues and took on my parents false limiting beliefs. The trauma I experienced led to being diagnosed with complex post-traumatic stress disorder, body dysmorphic disorder, high anxiety, depression and a suicide attempt. Inside I struggled to know who I really was and tried to be what I thought others wanted from me. I was lost and alone. I was a people pleaser with low self esteem and zero boundaries. I battled  suicidal thoughts, perfectionism, extreme thinking, conative distortions, negative self talk, and zero self worth, to name a few.  As an empath I have always cared deeply for others, and somehow could not push past my inner critic to care that deeply for myself...yet. My healing journey began January of 2010 in my last semester of college when I hit my rock bottom mental state; faced between attempting suicide again or putting myself in therapy, I chose therapy. And I chose it because I am here today for the purpose of helping other women walking through the darkness and bringing them into their own light.  

Through the last 11 years, I have  soaked up every personal development book and course I could find, devoured every positive quote and blog on the internet, and have read an abundance of psychology research journals and books; I have a Bachelors degree in Psychology and many certifications, all growing and adapting me to really take control over my thoughts and intentionally creating a more positive belief system. I have dived deep into my spirituality and connecting to God and my higher self. Through this connection, I have been lead to deeper emotional healing, grounding, mindfulness, gratitude, and manifestation. I have learned the arts of energetic healing in Body Code work and Reiki. But it is truly through my own personal experience of making the choice and creating a road map from being a very insecure, people pleasing, over thinker, into a grounded, aligned, confident - no holding back - "I know who I am" kind of woman, that has given me the most knowledge in finding the light within you and helping you to Shine Brightly!


I know that it is my souls purpose to share this knowledge and help others. You have a light within you. It is whole, beautiful, and perfect. No matter what you have been through in life or how low you may feel right now... you can still change your Life and live authentically and abundantly. You just need to find YOUR light and stoke the fire, to dim the darkness and Shine Bright as God intended you to do. 

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In my personal life, I am a woman of many joys and passions, but none is greater than the passion and love I have for my  beautiful family! For me, family comes first, and this is part of my heart-centered philosophy on life. Knowing what is most important and being able to set healthy boundaries to keep priorities in check! I am a wife to my husband, Zach, and mother to my son Leonidas and my daughter Athena. Thanks to my online  coaching business, we now life in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, living life a life full of adventure, freedom, and on our own terms.