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Prosperity is Your Birthright

In this webinar we will cover

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You were not born to live in struggle
You were born to prosper!

One of the biggest lies we have been told is that we have to work hard for good things to come to us.


Have you heard some of these money myths:
"Money doesn't grow on trees"

"You have to work hard for money"
"Money is the root of all evil"

We have been conditioned in our society to stay in the mindset of lack, scarcity, hard work, sacrifice, and desperation.

And now it inflation and the economy
More projected fear.

These are holding patterns, trapped emotional traumas, limiting subconscious programs and lies!

It can't be work or work ethic that brings abundance when some people do very little work and have rich bank accounts, while those who work tireless hours and several jobs still can't seem to get ahead.

There is something more to this story....

So what makes the difference?


The Abundance Codes

This is more than just Law of Attraction...


The law of attraction is a great place to start but it is the tip of the iceberg in what it truly means to hold the vibration and frequency of Abundance and how to embody the information to open up your receiving channels.


It also leaves many people more confused around the areas of action...

Do we just need to believe?

What kind of action should we be taking?

I am visualizing but nothing is happening....

Why isn't the law of attraction working for me when I have tried it all?!


It hasn't work for you because you're missing key insights and information to put the principles into action and EMBODY the codes that unlock you're receiving channels.

I have been studying and implementing the energetics of wealth attraction for over ten years... there is so much more to learn than just the Law of Attraction, which is why it hasn't worked and only left you feeling frustrated!

The Abundance Codes is a set of principles and processes that help us to master our vibration with aligned actions and full embodiment that shift our entire paradigm and unlock our receiving channels for not just financial abundance, but abundance in all areas of life! 

What is Abundance?

Abundance is the acceptance and embodiment of your limitless divine creative self!

Abundance is allowing and surrendering into God Source.

It’s owning who you really are and this connection you have to infinite intelligence and supreme unconditional love!

To accept and receive the gifts that are your Birthright!

It's knowing worth, that you are WORTHY of an abundant and beautiful life!

It’s letting go of the matrix scarcity programming that has been conditioning you since birth!


It is releasing the generation poverty curses attached to your lineage and DNA and healing your own traumas around receiving! 

Abundance brings you money and freedom, but when you hold true abundance it is also like seeing the world with color for the first time and allowing infinite blessings to pour into your life.

ABUNDANCE is the full soul experience of your

fullest expressions and desires. 

It's not just abundance of money but also...

and abundance of love,

an abundance of health,

an abundance of passion and joy,

an abundance of meaningful relationships,

an abundance of support,

an abundance of happiness,

and sooo much more!

I know how you feel.

I grew up below the poverty line and had deep programs of lack, scarcity, and unworthiness... Now I live on the beach in Nicaragua, knowing my worth and holding abundance in all areas of my life!

Growing up in a broken down trailer park with addicted parents, I often went without and have more sadness around Christmas than dreams and happiness.


When I first heard of The Law of Attraction, I was so happy and excited, ready to bring in the abundance I sooo deeply craved and wanted. 

And it worked... a little bit, but it wasn't consistent. I would manifest things but not be able to fully hold on to them. Some things were easy and my health shifted, but other things like money always seemed like I was chasing a carrot on a stick.


Because there is so much more than just this one law. The Law of Attraction and Manifesting is conscious work. It is held in our conscious thoughts and beliefs, but it does not touch our subconscious programs, our inherited generational patterns, or our own trapped emotional traumas... all of which create significant blocks to our receiving channels.


Until I mastered The Abundance Codes. 

The Abundance Codes are a mixture of the knowledge I have accrued over the last ten years of mastering my own receiving channels mixed with divine inspired knowledge given directly to me in a deep meditation practice. It is not my ideas but divine truths being delivered through me from Source itself!

What is The Abundance Codes Program?

This is an 8 week LIVE training inside of an exclusive HIGH VIBING Facebook Group where I will be teaching The Abundance Codes and how to implement them directly into your life so you can start RECEVING the shift FAST!

We will cover topics such as:

  • Safety and healing our nervous system.

  • Appreciation and falling in love with life.

  • Mastering the are of surrender.

  • Generosity and how GIVING is receiving.

  • Igniting your intuition and inspired ideas.

  • Unlocking your SELF WORTH.

  • Being comfortable with support and receiving.

  • Generational holding patterns.

  • Subconscious beliefs

  • Alignment with your desires.


  • and so so much more!

This is a fully immersive experience with hands on, tangible action points to help shift your energy and get you MOVING in the abundant flow!

What's Included:


  •  Full Live video sessions of The Abundance Codes

  • Instant access to my Money Talks Masterclass

  • Activations

  • Meditations

  • Hot Seat Q&A's

  • Group Energy Healing Sessions to remove blocks

  • Emotional Freedom Technique exercise to REWIRE your brain.

  • Abundance Games

  • Celebration Moments

  • Daily Encouragement

  • and so much more...


What You Will Walk Away With:


If you fully participate in the program and exercises not only will you receive your money back through another open channel of your receptivity, but you will single handedly change your life and shift the future for your lineage! You will be able to teach these things to your children and watch as the curses of generational poverty are removed! 

Although it will be ran LIVE for 8 weeks, this is a self paced program and you will have access for as long as Facebook allows me to keep my group open!

You do have to have access to Facebook, but if you do not, you can easily set up a small account for the sole purpose of getting into the group!

I created this to help those who need it most!

Those who are working multiple jobs,

who are struggling in debt,

who have a deep desire for more but feel helpless in how to make the changes. 

That is why I am offering this at a price of only $55.50!

This information needs to be accessible and available to everyone!

Enroll now and you will get instant access to The Money Talks Masterclass

already preloaded into the Facebook group!


We go live November 11, 2022 and run through the end of the year to set up 2023 to be the most abundant year you've ever had! 

It is time to break away from the matrix paradigms of fear, lack and scarcity and to remember your God given birthrights of prosperity, happiness, and Abundance!

Once you enroll you will receive an email with the link to the Facebook group, please use the same email address to verify your ticket!

The Abundance Codes

All Access Pass!


You're In The Abundance Codes!

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