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Heart Centered Energy Healing

Heather is a certified level 1 Reiki Healer, Body Code expert, and Intuitive Quantum Healing Practitioner. She has extensive knowledge in understanding the Quantum Field and the energetic systems within it. She has had intuitive gifts since she was a child but didn't understand them until adulthood. Now that she has embraced and leaned into these natural gifts and furthered her education, her abilities have expanded and grown. She is able to tap into your energetic field remotely to help work on your energetic body, sending healing energy, removed trapped emotions,...and so much more!

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“Heathers healing is nothing short of magical. Her skill and knowledge combined with her intuition and loving nature create powerful healing. She helped me bust through some emotional blocks to quicken my body’s path to healing. My anxiety instantly was better. Her healing has been a source of support and help while I have journeyed through a Tough year. So grateful for this magical, lovely being. If you’re considering a session with her, go ahead and do it! You will be glad you did!”

-Rendy A.

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"Heather is magic. I had no expectations and no idea what would occur with an Energy Healing from her. When she shared her findings, it couldn’t have been more accurate about some of my deepest challenges. It completely resonated with me. It was such a gift to receive the understanding I needed around these issues and the help from her to clear them. Most of all, I would recommend her for being an authentic, caring, professional, safe person, with a True Heart, to help walk you through your healing process."

- Anonymous


"I can't believe my shoulder feels better. After dealing with a muscle tenderness and soreness in my shoulder that even the chiropractor couldn't completely get rid of, I was talking to Heather who mentioned energy healing. I was skeptical but thought it was worth a try. She released four trapped emotions, all of which resonated deeply with me and within a day, the pain is almost completely gone. I am a believer now. I also just feel lighter and her intuitive guidance hit home for me. I will absolutely be scheduling another appointment soon."

-Katie W.

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Begin unpacking your emotional baggage and rebalance your entire system!

Energy healing is a holistic practice of understanding and utilizing the quantum energy field and our body’s energetic system. It stimulates energy flow and your body’s own life force energy to clear blocks of stagnated energy, uncover root causes of discomfort, sickness, mental/emotional issues, suffering, release toxins, and rebalance energy patterns in the body to bring about optimal wellness in the mind, body, and spirit. 

There are many things that can haram our bio-energetic field including emotional trauma, toxins from our environments and food, pharmaceuticals and other synthetic drugs, and even energetic cords between us and toxic people. Energy Healing works in the Quantum Field rather than the physical to repair and re-balance the natural energy patterns and release stagnate energy, energetic cords, trapped emotions, and even entity attachments. 

Everything in this universe is comprised of energy from the Quantum Field. When we attune to this energy and work with its natural flow we are restoring the body’s natural energetic equilibrium. 

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Giving your body total energetic support to promote wellness and elevate your quality of life!

  • Balances the Mind, Body, and Spirit by removing subconscious blocks

  • Promotes harmony & balance.

  • Releases and relaxes tension from the body.

  • increases energy and relieves fatigue.

  • Relieves stress and anxiety.

  • Releases emotional baggage and trapped emotions. 

  • Eases pain and discomfort.

  • Speeds up recovery from injuries and surgery by accelerating the body’s self-healing abilities.

  • Removes ancestral/generational patters and programs.

  • Removes toxic energetic cords between you and others.

  • Infuses and instills empowering beliefs and positive, uplifting emotions.

  • Cleanses toxins and strengthens the immune system.

  • Strengthens Self-Esteem, Self-Love, and Self-Worth.

  • Heightens self-awareness

  • Promotes mental clarity.

  • Improves sleep.

  • Improves wealth and success by clearing imbalances and limiting beliefs

  • Allows for greater creativity.

  • Promotes connection, love, compassion, kindness, and empathy.

  • Promotes Spiritual growth and connection. 

  • Raises your vibrational frequency.

  • Boosts your manifestations.

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"Energy Healing is the most underused healing modality, and the irony is that this force offers the greatest healing potential."

Heather is a certified level 1 and currently studying level 2 Reiki Healer, Body Code expert, and Intuitive Quantum Healing Practitioner. She has extensive knowledge in understanding the Quantum Field, your energetic body, and the energetic systems within the Universe. She has had intuitive gifts and Clair-abilities since she was a child but didn't understand them until adulthood. Now that she has embraced and leaned into these natural gifts and furthered her education, her abilities have expanded and grown. She is able to tap into your energetic field remotely to help work on your energetic body, sending healing energy, removing trapped emotions, receiving guided messages, removing stagnant energy, rebalancing chakras, removing entity attachments, cleanse and heal your aura field, and sending healing energy to rebalance your system and promote your body's natural self-healing capabilities. She works with you to tackle your unique struggles and offer personalized healing sessions. 

Since she started her practice, she has fallen in love with helping people in this modality. She has a natural love and passion for helping others and enjoys getting to work with people in this capacity. 

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“If you know me, I’d probably be the last person you’d expect to ask for an energy healing. So when Heather offered one up, I was skeptical to say the least. However, I did feel an immense amount of tension and stress in my every day life. You get to a point where you’re open to just about anything when you can’t breathe. I’ll tell you this, I’m sold out on Heather’s skills! She removed blockages that provided instant relief. I felt a weight lifted from my shoulders and an invigorating clarity I hadn’t really felt…ever. A lightness in my mood and a calmness I had been chasing for months. Her insightful feedback after our session was spot on. It’s like she was in my world and knew exactly how to speak to me. I could tell how seriously she took her work and was really intentional about healing and clearing my energetic space. I can’t recommend her services enough. Even if you’re a skeptic like me, it’s worth a shot. You could come out feeling better than you ever have and you can’t put a price on that kind of peace.”

- Talia R.


"Heather is amazing! We have done three sessions now and I cant believe the transformation in how I feel. After she did a cord cutting session with an exboyfriend I have been able to find deeper healing. He was narcissistic and it has been a struggle to overcome his abuse, but releasing these trapped emotion and cutting the cord has offered a lightness I didn't even think was possible. I am still in my healing journey but this has played such a huge role for me! I cannot recommend this service enough and what it can offer you. 

Heather also took the time to give me detailed feedback, answer all of my questions and made this experience such a beautiful one. She is a light and has a true gift."

- Jennifer M.

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All of Heather's energy healing services are done remotely, she only needs your name to establish an energetic connection and be able to work on you. All of her sessions are done at night when she is most able to relax and connect. You do not need to do anything special and can go about your day or evening as usual. If you are awake during the session it is not uncommon to feel physical sensations such as tingling, pressure, or warmness in the areas that she is working on. 

The first part of her session is Body Code work in releasing trapped emotions, she will release as many as your body and subconscious will allow for. Generally this is usually between 1 and 5 emotions depending on how heavy they are. The energetic body is only able to detox a little bit at a time and as a result, your body will not allow more to be released then what it is capable of handling. Generation or Heart Wall emotions tend to be the heaviest, and so it may only be one emotion released in these circumstances. After she has completed Body Code, Heather uses Reiki energy and Quantum Energy healing techniques to work on your energetic field, chakras, and auras. She will do as much as she can in your given time slot. 

Once she has completed your session she will email you with the detailed notes of what came through during the session, this looks like what trapped emotions were released and all the information she was able to gather about when they were trapped as well as what she worked on inside of your energetic field. She will give you any other intuitive information or advice that came through and after care instructions and then follow up with you 2-3 days after your session to check in! 

You can book just a general session for overall wellness and allow your subconscious and higher self to guide her to what needs to be healed or if you have certain situation you want to work on, you can add that to your notes. This may look like: illnesses, aches & pains, emotional trauma or baggage, turbulent relationships that need cord cutting, mental or emotional health issues, financial wellbeing, or anything else that you are struggling with.