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I'm Heather, The Trauma Healing Mentor

I am here to be your support system and give you simple and powerful tools to guide you through your healing journey!

I know what it's like to be in the trenches of life and trauma. As someone who was diagnosed with PTSD, severe anxiety, depression, body dysmorphic disorder and survived a suicide attempt, I am no stranger to the hurt and pain that trauma can cause us. 


Over a 12 year journey, I paved the way of my own healing while acquiring a wide range of skills and tools in multiple different areas, that all aided in my own trauma healing. Now I have a toolbox of healing modalities and can provide a safe supporting space that also offers incredible knowledge to help other women who are in the trenches and need a guiding light, and  helping hand!  

What if you just turned your magic all the way the fuck on?!

I am certified in Transformational Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programing, Body Code, Emotional Freedom Technique, Somatic Experience, and Reiki Level Two. I also have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. I utilize a unique mixture of energy psychology & medicine, traditional psychology modalities, intuitive knowledge, human design, and the latest in neuroscience to provide practical, trauma-informed, self-healing solutions, support, and mentorship. 

Over the last decade I have developed my own methodology for trauma healing on a the mind, body, soul level. This is the only way true, long lasting healing can happen. Anything less than supporting the entire system in healing  is just coping. 

At the basis of my work is releasing stored trauma from the body. The body keeps score of our emotional distress and traumas. Emotions are energy in motion and when we are unable to fully process them for any reason, that energy becomes stored in the body. 

Over time this leads to a compound effect of emotional baggage which can cause emotional distress and physical imbalances. 

The root cause is this stored emotional energy. There are several ways to release this from the body but my favorite are Body Code and Somatic Experience, both we will work on during our time together.

Client Testimonials

Monica L.

"I started working with Heather this year and it has changed my life! I suffered from major depression and anxiety. I’m talking like can’t get out of bed depressed and anxiety that kept me from doing things I once loved. I started her abundance code program and with the tools she has taught me I was able to stop taking all 5 of my depression and anxiety meds. I believe in myself I know that I am worthy and it’s all bc she gave me the tools to get here and I could never be able to thank her enough! She gave me my life back!"

Danielle R.

"I have been in therapy for the last five years and haven't seen changes like this. Since I started working with Heather on my trauma I have noticed experienced a huge change in my mental health and overall well being. I just finished her heart wall program where we spent two months working 1:1 together, unpacking and releasing soo many emotions, not just the heart wall. My self talk has improved, we worked on my subconscious and that has been the biggest help. I had some horrible beliefs and she helped me change them. I am so happy to say that I no longer hate myself, in fact I am falling more in love with myself everyday. Book the heart wall package. It is worth triple the price in what you will receive. Removing all this trauma has changed my life and I am thankful I found Heather on TikTok."

Working with me, means....

  • Trauma removal. The basis of all my work is Body Code sessions which come included in all my 1:1 work because of how transformational it is. We will remove your heart wall which will provide you with a relief that you had no idea was possible. Occasionally we will pair Body Code with somatic therapies and other healing modalities that also allow for emotional trauma release of the body. When we remove stored trauma from the body, the conscious work becomes easier and more effective. 

  • Subconscious reprogramming. 95% of who we are by the time we are 35 is just a collection of our subconscious beliefs and programs. Unfortunately, we do not get to choose which programs have become a part of this system and it usually is stored with self-sabotage beliefs that hinder our success and aid in our emotional and physical distress. Working together we will use a few different modalities to remove limiting beliefs and imprint new ones that will set you up for success in all areas of life. 

  • Becoming your authentic self. I utilize Human Design and teach you how to connect to your heart space and your intuition so you can reclaim who you truly are! Together, I will help you let go of all the expectations, labels, obligations, and projections from others, and connect to your higher self. This will allow you to tap into your passions and purpose!

  • Cultivating radical self-love! This means learning to nurture and build the self. Self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, self-awareness, self-compassion, as well as personal responsibility and accountability. So that you not only know who you are but also fall deeply in love with that person! 

  • Inner child healing and reparenting yourself. Often our deepest traumas come from the needs the went unmet when we were children. A necessary part of our healing journey is to heal these attachment wounds and the younger part of ourselves. Through connecting to and healing our inner child we can begin to learn what our needs are and being to love ourselves on deeper levels. 

  • ​Ego work and de-identifying with the mind. This is a shift in consciousness that can create beautiful changes in your self-talk, your doubts, and your fears. This also includes common mind traps like perfectionism, comparison, overthinking, and a lot of our insecurities. 

  • Self-sufficient self-confidence. The only validation and acceptance we truly need is the validation from within. Learning how to build this self-resiliency and inner confidence helps you become unbothered by the opinions or rejections of others. 

  • Emotional Intelligence. EQ is the single most identifying factor for success and the good news is that it is a skill set that can be learned. I will teach you how to identify, manage, cope, work through, and ultimately release difficult emotions while simultaneously cultivating more abundance, appreciation, and joy into your life. 

Client Testimonials

Angela P.

I was one of the first people to go through Heathers heart wall removal sessions and I am so thankful she reached out and offered it to me. I am not a person of hype but this was life changing. We spent 7 weeks together as she took her time with her session to release my heart wall and so much more! We did EFT sessions and worked on my beliefs. This was the best thing I have ever done for my mental health. I am amazed! I feel like a totally different person. I wake up happy every morning and find that stress doest trigger me as much anymore. My anxiety is gone and I am sleeping better than I ever had and my headaches are gone. Book with her and do the heart package! You will not regret it!!

Jamie F.

I am in the middle of my 3 month coaching package with Heather and I am so thrilled I have done this. We have spent the last six weeks working through my people pleasing b and Heather has helped me to start finding my voice and set boundaries. Its been hard at times but soo good. I'm already so happy with my experience and we still have 6 more weeks to go!! If you want a coach to help you through your healing journey, Heather is for you. She knows so much about trauma and has been such a great support in my life.

Sarah M.

Heather is incredible! Her coaching plus the body code sessions has shifted so much in my life! Removing my heart wall and shifting my limiting beliefs has catapulted my business, my marriage, and who I am as a parent. I am honestly still surprised by the transformation in myself and my life. Since working with her I understand more about who I really am, I have learned to set boundaries and I no longer have anxiety! Her coaching is amazing and worth triple what she charges. Book with her, you won't regret it and your life with transform!

3-6 Month Personalized 1:1 Coaching 

High Touch. High Impact. Big Changes.
1:1 personal coaching to guide you through your healing and self love journey.

This option gives you unlimited Body Code Sessions while we work together to remove stored trauma, 1:1 Voxer support, and 15 1-hour zoom sessions to create a personalized holistic healing program of the mind, body, and soul!
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