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Heather is a certified Life Coach and has been coaching people in the area of health, weight management, & wellness since 2015. Her passion of finding holistic solutions to her chronic migraines, pushed her into nutrition and what it means to live a clean lifestyle. Heather uses her knowledge and passion for nutrition and clean living to help her clients eat more whole foods, eliminate toxins, increase metabolism and energy, and focus on optimal overall health. She teaches  not to focus on a specific diet, but to keep your focus on HEALTH. She also guides this program along side body positivity training and helping women heal their emotional ties to their food and body image. Sustainable weight loss comes with learning how to eat for health and how to love your body first. 

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#1: How to put together health meals that are easy and quick to make, affordable, and delicious.

#2: How your body processes foods and how to properly fuel your body, metabolism, and immune system for optimal health. 

#3: The hidden dangers of diets and how to find freedom in intuitive eating.

#4: How to listen to your body's needs and respond accordingly. Getting in tune to your body.

#5: How to manage all of these changes while simultaneously cultivating self love and body positivity. Your worth and lovability have nothing to do with your size or state of health.

#6: How and Why to take your focus off the scale, off the number, off of all the counting - and putting that focus back in to how your body feels, your body composition, and your overall sense of wellbeing! 

#7: All about supplementation, and why good for you vitamins and supplements can help optimize your results.

#8: How to change your body composition rather than your weight. It's important to maintain your muscle mass during any weight loss program, and insure that only fat is what is falling of. 

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Click Here to Get Started

Whether you are just getting started on your health journey or are in need of a program to help you refocus your efforts or push past a plateau, I can help!! 

  • Consultation, we go over your specific needs and goals to create a plan that is customized to you! ​

  • I have an exclusive coaching group on Facebook that allows you access to a ton of resources including: my education, recipes, grocery lists, help with meal plans, encouragement, live videos, accountability and more...

  • We combine your plan with good for you, toxin free, natural supplements that work with your body to provide maximum results. 

  • There is no set diet, no set plan... no restrictions. This is not about restriction and deprivation, but about FOOD FREEDOM! 

  • We work on the emotional needs too... gone are the days of stress eating, binge eating, and emotional eating. My coaching helps get to the root of these issues so you can break up with your relationship with food and let go of the guilt and shame!

  • We also focus on self love and body image. Cultivating these will change your life and are at the core of having a heart centered health program.


To decide if health coaching is right now you, I invite you to schedule a free initial consultation with me.

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Getting healthy can be confusing, overwhelming, and seem impossible with our busy lives.

You don't have to navigate this journey alone! 

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You gotta nourish in order to flourish.


Heather's personal health and body image journey started in 2007 while she was plagued with chronic migraines and sinus infections and simultaneously doing whatever was trendy to stay "skinny  enough". Little did she know that the same journey and education that  would heal both her body's illnesses would also, take her on the  mental/emotional journey and breakup with her connections to food and her body image. As she says, "A true healthy lifestyle is  centered around self love."


She began this journey while in college getting her Bachelors degree in Psychology because she became frustrated with doctors who only wanted to keep prescribing more  medication, rather then get to the root cause. With no support from the medical community, she set out on a mission to heal herself and sought after information on health, the body, the brain, the immune system, food, toxins, food processing, body composition and fitness... everything and anything she could find. This lead her to becoming more aware of the many hidden dangers in our modern food products and how they contribute to chronic illness, obesity, and a lack of energy and wellness. Within two years of her research and lifestyle changes, she had healed both her illnesses, and had cultivated a better relationship with food and a deeper understanding and appreciation for how to fuel the body. She now takes a very holistic, whole food approach to eating and supplementing.


In connection to keeping her aim on health, she took her focus off of getting skinny or any particular number on the scale and went on a deep quest to heal her body image issues and create body positivity and self love. She broke up with her emotional eating triggers and healed from past body image trauma and her Body Dysmorphic Disorder. She loves to combine the self love of your body with your focus on fueling that body with love and nutients!

Heather is now a certified Life Coach and has been working as a health and wellness coach since 2015. In that time she has coached hundreds of women to better health and body composition. She uses her knowledge and passion to help her clients achieve their desired results without getting on the diet bandwagon. She empowers and teaches her clients on how to fuel the body for optimal nutrition, eating more whole foods, breaking up with common food attachments and emotional/stress triggers, cultivating self love, and correct supplementation with clean and toxin free supplements to support not just body composition, but overall health and wellness, increased energy, and boost vitality.

  • If you are ready to say good bye to the scale and hello to Food Freedom!​

  • If you've tried everything else but the weight either doesn't come off or comes back, plus some.

  • Are looking to improve how you FEEL along with how you look. 

  • Ready to stop hating your body and want to cultivate more self love and body positivity in the process.

  • Need food help?!? What is healthy anyways, and how can I eat healthy on the go or cook easy, fast, affordable meals! 

  • Ready to feel you body a it was designed to feel!! Increasing energy and vitality! 

  • Don't want to give up foods you love.

  • Need the extra support!! I hear you sister, You don't have to go through this journey alone, I've got your back!

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