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Healing the Heart Center

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Remove the Heart Wall and allow the Soul to come shining through!

What Clients are Saying...

Kelley R

"I didnt know a healing coach was a thing but I am happy I found Heather on TikTok, I did her coaching package and I feel like I am so much further in my journey. She's taught me how to do eft tapping and breath work and has given me real tools and skill to help me cope and process my trauma. I am so thankful for this experience, it has absolutely changed things for me. Heather has so much knowledge, if you book with her, you will learn and heal so much."

Angie W.

"Wow is all I have to say. I cannot put into words what difference these last few months have done for me. Working with Heather we removed my heart wall and lots of other traumas that have made me feel lighter and more like myself. Working with here 1:1 and having her support and expertise I have been able to heal and expand on so many levels. I have change a lot of my habits and beliefs about myself and no longer feel like I am standing in my own way. I even get complements from people around me who've noticed that I am a different person. I have been through therapy before and it never did this for me. I truly cannot put it into words but I can tell you that working with Heather will absolutely change your life for the better! She is an incredible coach and healer. Book with her and I promise you will not be disappointed!"

Healing the Heart & Removing Trauma

Are you ready to connect with your heart center and remove emotional trauma that's been holding you back from living your best life?


The Healing the Heart Center program offers unlimited Body Code sessions to help you do just that.

With this program, you'll work towards removing the heart wall and stored emotional trauma that has been keeping you disconnected from your physical and energetic body. By removing this trauma, you'll be able to connect more deeply with your soul, be more conscious, and feel a since of lightness to live as your most authentic self.

You'll feel less triggered as the stored emotions are released and be able to give and receive love more freely with an unblocked heart. This program is designed to remove trauma quickly and non-invasively, allowing for healing on a mind-body-soul level.

But that's not all. When you join the program, you'll also receive 1:1 support and access to Heather! Releasing trapped emotions can bring up many different emotions as the emotion is released from 

Heather specializes in creating a holistic healing program centered around the mind-body-soul connection. She'll help you release trapped emotional trauma from your body, reprogram subconscious beliefs, and connect with your heart center to release the trauma from the body which can help emotionally processing and the conscious work of our trauma much easier.

Don't let emotional trauma hold you back any longer. Join the Healing the Heart Center program and start living as your most authentic self today.


Radical self-love and the full embodiment and expression of your most authentic self, so that you can intentionally create the life you truly desire.

This program is perfect for women who are ready to heal and do the deep work! 

For women who feel their soul calling to them and need the guidance to activate their intuitive capabilities.

For women who want a deeper connection to Source and want to open up their receiving channel. 

For those who are ready to live a purposefully driven, soul aligned and embodied joyful life.


Whether you're struggling with past trauma, feeling stuck in your current situation, or simply seeking to unlock your full potential, Heather is here to guide and support you every step of the way.

Join the waitlist by filling out the application below and get ready to unlock the Goddess Within! 

Investment Details

Healing the Heart Center

UNLIMITED Body Code Sessions until Heart Wall is fully removed

Monday - Friday 1:1 Voxer Support

$777 PIF or
2 Payments of $388.50
3 Payments of  $259

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Healing the Heart Center  Application

Thank you! We’ll be in touch. There is currently one spot open so expect details soon!

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