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Becoming Heart Centered




8 Weeks

Imagine living a life where you loved and accepted yourself completely. A life where your self doubt, negative self talk, and other peoples opinions had no power over you because you were grounded in self-sufficient self confidence. Where you found peace and purpose. You were fully connected to your deepest self, and lived in alignment to your values and passions. Imagine living the life you've dreamed of, the one you know you are worthy of!!

Its time to make that dream a reality, and step into your Power & Purpose!! I can show you the way. This six week course will give you all the tools you need to start your transformation towards living a Heart Centered Life!

I remember what it felt like to not really know myself, to play small, and people please.

I felt stuck!
stuck inside my head with the "what if's", with my inner critic who never shut up, and the constant overthinking. I couldn't recognize my own self worth or set boundaries. In fact, I even felt paralyzed making decisions. And for a long time I thought these were just personality traits....

I was just meant to be an overthinking, people pleasing, perfectionist who was trapped with negative self talk and low self confidence.


Thankfully, none of that is true...

Your true and authentic identity is not found in your mind and all of the silly games it tries to play. 

Who you really are is found inside of Your Heart

Over the last 12 years I have gone on a deep healing journey and created a way of life that I call
"Heart Center"

 I have soaked up every personal development book and course I could find, I have a Bachelors degree in Psychology and hold many certifications, including Life Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, all growing and adapting me to really take control over my thoughts and intentionally creating a more positive belief system.

I have dived deep into my spirituality and connecting to God and my higher self. Through this connection, I have been lead to deeper emotional healing, grounding, mindfulness, gratitude, and manifestation.

But it is truly through my own personal experience of making the choice and creating a road map from being a very insecure, people pleasing, over thinker, into a grounded, aligned, confident - no holding back - "I know who I am" kind of woman, that has given me the most knowledge in finding the light within you and helping you to Shine Brightly!

So what does it mean to be "Heart Center"?

  • It is Radical Self Love

  • It's self-sufficient self confidence

  • It's finding peace living in alignment to your core values of who you are and being aware of your passions and purpose

  • It's having emotional intelligence and self accountability

  • Its finding and living your authentic self 

  • It’s finding the love and joy in life, cultivating appreciation and kindness

  • It's learning to create heart-brain coherence and understanding the deep significance and purpose of the heart

  • It's tapping into the heart-based wisdom and setting aside the ego

  • It's living from a place of love and compassion

  • It's being present in the NOW and taking yourself off of autopilot

  • It's cultivating and strengthening your intuition 

  • It's letting go of limiting beliefs and tackling your perfectionism and insecurities

Heart Centered is going within and listening to your highest wisdom to help you live confidently and passionately as a result of discovering a deep alignment to your Purpose and truest form. By first claiming your heart-felt truth and then expressing it outward, you will lead a life of wholeness and lasting joy.​

Are you ready to shift into Heart Centered Living?


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a bootcamp style, fully immersive program designed with my science back strategies to give you real results in rewiring your brain for transformational positive self talk and


In this eight weeks you will learn:

How to create mindfulness and intentional awareness, taking your life off of autopilot

Proven methods for changing your negative self talk

How to cultivate radical self love and begin to heal your insecurities

Learn how to recognize and use my science based strategies to overcome self sabotage mindsets

Find your authentic voice, passions, and values

Strengthen your connection to your intuition


Anchor in self-sufficient self confidence so that you can start living as your true self! 

It's time for you to rediscover your true self and let go of who the world has told you you're supposed to be! You are worthy of living your most authentic life and having unshakable confidence to chase your dreams!

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In Becoming Heart Centered you will receive:

Life time access to the course

so that you can come back and revisit these tools and techniques at anytime

Access to a Private Community

Weekly Topic Centered Workbooks

to help you establish habits and implement the material

Weekly pre-recorded Presentations

covering the material in length and giving you proven strategies and tools to integrate the knowledge easily and effectively into your life

Weekly Live Zoom Group Coaching Calls

they will be recorded incase you miss them, but this will be a safe container to connect and get all your questions answered and make sure you are integrating the program effectively

plus, receive these Bonuses....


Cognitive Distortions Worksheet

Cognitive distortions are irrational thoughts that can influence your emotions. Everyone experiences them to some degree, but in their more extreme forms they can be harmful to our emotional and mental well being. This added pdf workbook will walk you through identifying which ones you have and give you exercises to overcome them.


Creating Your Personal Life Mantra

We all get overwhelmed sometimes,  and when we think too much about our anxieties we prevent ourselves from taking care of our own present moment. Creating a mantra for these times is a powerful way to help bring you back into the present moment and feel more grounded. This bonus exercise will help you create a personal mantra that you can utilize at any


Emotional Eating Workbook

Emotional eating is one of the biggest struggles facing women. It is a very common crutch that many of us use to help soothe our emotions rather then feeling them. As a bonus to becoming heart centered, you will have access to my 40 page document that guides you step by step into healing your relationship with food and managing your emotions in a healthy and productive way.


Radical Self Forgiveness Workshop

The self-forgiveness formula I have created is an equal balance of self acknowledgement and accountability and harnessing the ability to give yourself grace and release old energy. In this workshop you will learn how to have a realistic view of yourself, when its necessary to let things go, and when its necessary to take action in fixing a mistake or challenging moment. This flow will allow you to let go of self sabotage behaviors that only serve to make you feel like shit and do absolutely nothing to resolving an issue.


Are you ready to radically transform your life and cultivate the very confidence and authenticity your soul desires?

Then lock arms with me! - We start November 8th, just in time to create a new perspective and new habits before the New Year!

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(or two monthly payments $555)

Life time access to the course

Access to a Private Community

Weekly Topic Centered Workbooks

Weekly pre-recorded Presentations

Weekly Live Zoom Group Coaching Calls
Cognitive Distortions Worksheet

Creating Your Personal Life Mantra
Emotional Eating Workbook
Radical Self Forgiveness Workshop

Total Value: $7841

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Spots are limited...
As of 11/5, there are only 5 spots remaining.
Don't wait to join us!!


Listen, My Beautiful Friend,

It's time for you to shift into full Heart Centered, Intentional, Authentic living!


To stop playing small and allowing your inner dialogue to run the show. 


To release the perfectionism, the negative self talk, overthinking, and self sabotage behaviors that are only serving to hold you back from who you were Born To Be!!  


It is time for you to be the most honest representation of who you really are. To love and know yourself enough to not care what others think. To be completely true to who you are through your thoughts, words, and actions. to find the Light within you and having the courage to shine it brightly!

It is time to be Completely and Unapologetically full of Self Love. Through all of your flaws and mistakes. Knowing that you are enough and worthy as you are. Letting go of fear, doubt, self-sabotage, and negative self talk in the process. 

Who would you be if you had the courage to run after the life you want, the life you deserve? Setting boundaries, letting go of perfectionism, imposter syndrome, and the need to compare. Finding your purpose, setting big goals, and believing in yourself enough to run after them!?

Let's do this together!! Take yourself off of autopilot and step into the driver seat of your life! Live with purpose, passion, and intention. Knowing exactly who you are and living in alignment with your core values!!

You are ready!

See you inside!


One Full Payment



Two Monthly Payments


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