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your Ultimate Manifestation Support 

It's time to end the confusion, cut through the fluff, and discover how to utilize The Law of Attraction in the way that it was intended. 

There are 11 common problems I see most clients have in trying to create change in their life, achieve their goals, and manifest their dreams:
1. Trying to make radical changes all at once
2. Having subconscious patterns, beliefs, and mindsets making their actions fruitless 
4. Having mixed intentions and energy
5. Not Embodying or 'acting as if'
6. Not taking or understanding inspired or aligned action
7. Having low self worth that pushes desires and money away
8. Having trapped emotions or trauma that is blocking their energy flow
9. Not having a crystal clear vision
10. Not creating an action plan that works
11. Not having support or accountability 



I have been there! 
I remember first learning the Law of Attraction and trying to believe and visualize my desires into reality, only to find that I was having mixed results. I was still consumed by the hustle mentality of western society and stuck in putting in mixed energy and trying to out action my limiting beliefs. Manifestation and Hustling left me drained and feeling more defeated. 

I was TRYING too hard.

The truth is that Manifestation is an Art and a balancing act.

It's balancing the Law of Attraction with all the other laws of the Universe, including the Law of Action.

Manifestation is about aligning your energy AND taking the


What is "inspired action"?

Inspired Action is action that comes from our intuition. It is the most powerful action we can take because our energy is aligned to our desires and the action is taking us straight towards them. Inspired Action should also start to mirror the actions you will take once you have the desires you are wanting. 

How can you tell when action is from the ego and action is inspire?
How do we get into the receiving place of getting the inspired action? How can we strengthen our intuition so that that voice has more clarity?

Welcome to The Vortex!

Inside this 12 month container you will become a Manifestation Master!
It is the Netflix subscription of Manifestation
Here's what I know,
You are worthy AF and have absolute magic inside of you.
You CAN create the life you really want!
You CAN have it all!
You CAN get your dream job, strengthen your relationships and dramatically improve your health.
You CAN change!
No matter how you grew up or what you've been through, you can still create the life you're wanting.

Inside The Vortex I will teach you everything I know about Manifesting Goals!

You Will Learn How To:
Raise your vibration
Align your energy
Heal your trauma and release energetic blocks
Shift your lack and fixed mindsets
Reprogram your self talk and subconscious beliefs 
Increase your self worth
Create an INSPIRED action plan that works

and most importantly...

You are deserving of the life you dream of.
You are worthy of all your biggest desires.
It is time for you step into your highest timeline and your most abundant self where you can create the life you want! 

When you learn how to master your alignment and take inspired action, magic comes flooding in and you start to achieve your biggest goals and dreams!


Every month we will have an 'Energetic Focus' to help you Master Your Energy. 
These Energetic Focuses include:
Mastering the Art of Surrender
Strengthening Your Intuition
Changing Subconscious Patterns
Knowing Your Worth

EMBODIMENT: What it means to Become

Inside The Vortex you will receive:

  • Exclusive Access to my Members Only Area

  • Monthly Intention + Reflection Sessions

  • Weekly Alignment Practices

  • Monthly Workbook with our Energetic Focus

  • Monthly Recorded Group Coaching Calls

  • Support Accountability for You and your desires

  •  Celebration Sessions

  •  20% off Energy Healing Services!!

  • AND a few surprises along the way

Inside The Vortex You Will Align Your Energy, Take Intuitive Action, and Transform Your Life!!
We start January 6th with a Bonus Welcome Call and some deep reflection and intention settings for the entire year

This month our Energetic Focus is Becoming Conscious
Step one in Creating - Coming off of autopilot and putting yourself back in the driver seat.

This will increase your Self-Awareness and Self-Love.
jOIN NOW and Become a Founding Member of
The Vortex

If you Enroll before January 15th you will be a Founding Member of The Vortex and receive 60% off the regular membership fee!!

You are locked into $44.40/month

price increases to $111.00/month 1/15/22

AND if you enroll before January 1st you receive a
BONUS free 60min Energy Healing Session

Hey Friend,
I want you to know what is possible for You!

I grew up in an abusive home, with drug addicted parents, and in poverty. I have battled CPTSD, a body image disorder, high anxiety and depression. I was a professional pessimist... but I changed.


I have changed, healed, grown, learned, and ALIGNED.


My life is radically different then it was a decade ago and I will walk you through how I have done this.

I have successfully manifested 90% of my vision boards for seven years. Creating a life that allows my family to have the time freedom and lifestyle I wanted, the abundance and financial freedom I knew I was deserving of, and so many pure magical experiences that have been attracted into my life experience, like moving to Nicaragua and becoming an Author!

founding members lock in the price of $44.40month investment increases to $111month on 115
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